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My Account Page

In the My Account Page, you will find various information about the customer. Here’s a quick video to help you out with process. Please note that there may be some changes because of the ProductX WooCommerce Builder Plugin Updates.

Create a Custom My Account Page

How to Create a Custom My Account Page

1. First of all, you need to access your WordPress dashboard [You need to have the ProductX plugin installed on your WordPress site].

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

2. Now, the very first thing you need to do is enable the WooCommerce Builder Addon. To do this, go to ProductX > Addons from your WordPress dashboard. In the addons section, look for the WooCommerce Builder Addon and enable it.

Enabling the WooCommerce Builder Addon
Enabling the WooCommerce Builder Addon

Note: This step is mandatory to work with the ProductX Gutenberg Builder. Without this step, you will be unable to create any templates with ProductX.

3. Select ProductX, then Go to WooCommerce Builder.

WooCommerce "My Account Page" Template Creation
WooCommerce “My Account Page” Template Creation

3. Select Start from scratch (if you want to make it from scratch) or Import a layout (if you want a premade layout). You can either select and import a layout from the “All My Account Templates” dashboard or choose a layout in the My Accounts page editor from the Builder Library.

4. Name your template and then add the desired Blocks to complete your checkout page. Finally, publish the page [Please note that you do not have to add or change any page conditions].

My Account Page Building and Publishing
My Account Page Building and Publishing

And you have successfully created your custom my account page. Here’s how it’s going to look on the front-end:

My Account Page on the Front-end
My Account Page on the Front-end

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