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Call for Price Addon

The Call for Price Addon lets users call the vendor/owner directly via phone, Skype, and WhatsApp. If you want to let the users know of the features for an exclusive product without letting them know about the available inventory, this addon is just for you.

Here’s how it works:

Activating the Addon

Activating the addon is the same for all ProductX addons. If you want to know how to install and use the ProductX add-ons, take a look at the following resources:

  1. How to Install ProductX Pro
  2. How to Manage Site Licenses
  3. How to use the ProductX Pre-order Addon?

Using the Addon

If you want to use the addon, you can go to the settings panel to change some of the settings. For example:

Call for Price Addon for ProductX
  1. You can change the “Call for Price” text from the settings menu.
  2. You can select the “Call Type” (via which media the customer can contact the store owner or support staff).
  3. Give a recipient ID.

Note: The add-on will not work properly unless you provide a recipient ID. You must provide a proper recipient ID and the call type (the media for communication) in order to use the add-on properly.

Once a user clicks on the “Call for Price” button, they will be prompted to call your store/recipient via the given media. The media will prompt them to reach you via the desired “Call type” or media.

Note: You need to remove the product pricing from your WooCommerce product for the addon to work properly.

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