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Video Tutorials

***ProductX is becoming WowStore. If you see the new working interface of WowStore, then you can follow along – the working process for product blocks, starter templates, and features all work the same way as it did for ProductX. So, if you’re working with WowStore, you can follow the doc and use the instructions. Essentially, there’s no difference between WowStore and ProductX when it comes to using the product in general.

Here are some quick video tutorials for you to get started with the WowStore WooCommerce Blocks Plugin.

Here’s how to create a WooCommerce Store with our WowStore Plugin:

Building a WooCommerce Store

Want to install our WooCommerce Blocks on WordPress? Here’s a quick video:

Installing WooCommerce Blocks on WordPress

Explore the starter templates of our WooCommerce Blocks:

WooCommerce Starter Templates

Here’s how you can use our Advanced Product Query feature:

WooCommerce Product Query

Here’s how you can implement the Product Filtering Features of WowStore:

WooCommerce Product Filtering

Here’s how you can use the AJAX Pagination features of WowStore:

WooCommerce Pagination

You can use the WowStore Slider to showcase your Products:

ProductX WooCommerce Product Slider

You can subscribe to the Official WPXPO YouTube Channel to get more tutorials.

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