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Partial Payment Addon

***ProductX is becoming WowStore. If you see the new working interface of WowStore, then you can follow along – the working process for product blocks, starter templates, and features all work the same way as it did for ProductX. So, if you’re working with WowStore, you can follow the doc and use the instructions. Essentially, there’s no difference between WowStore and ProductX when it comes to using the product in general.

The partial payment add-on lets users pay partially for their products. The partial payment addon comes with settings that are specifically designed for shop owners who are allowing partial payments on certain products.

How to Use the Partial Payment Addon

Like any other addon of the WowStore plugin, the partial payment addon requires you to turn it on from the addons section of the WowStore plugin. You can check out the following section of the documentation to see how to turn on an addon of the WowStore plugin:

Using WowStore Addons

Here’s a quick video to get you up and running with the partial payment addon:

WowStore Partial Payment

Partial Payment Addon Settings

In order to make a product available for pre-order, you will have to:

  • Go to the product page.
  • Go to the “product data” section and click on “partial payment”.
  • You can enable/disable the product for partial payment. If you enable it, you can choose from the “Deposit Type” and the “Deposit Amount”.
enable partial payment for products

Note: The Deposit Type has two options. You can choose between “fixed” and “percentage” for the deposit type.

  • Finally, enter an amount you want the user to deposit. Finally, update the product page.

Here’s what you’ll see on the front end of the product page:

Partial Payment Front-end View
Partial Payment Front-end View

On the addon’s settings, you will find several options to choose from. For instance, you can select the text for different payment options.

partial payment settings

Also, you can enable/disable these options from the WowStore Partial Order Settings. Once you go to the checkout page, you will be able to see the options for direct bank transfer, cheque payments, and cash on delivery.

Partial Payment Order Details
Partial Payment Order Details

On the details page, the user can find out how much amount is due. Here’s how the details page looks:

Partial Payment Order Details

In the order details, the Due Amount status is Pending Payment. You will be able to set the status from the WowStore Partial Payment settings. Under the “Deposit Paid Status,” you can set the different statuses for different situations. You can control the status updates manually.

That’s the WowStore Partial Payment for you. Here are some other relevant resources:

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