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WooCommerce Cart Page Builder

The WooCommerce Builder of ProductX helps to create a custom Cart Page from scratch. It offers a drag-and-drop building option with three Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks finely crafted for the cart page.

Turn on WooCommerce Builder

First, you have to turn on the addon to start working with the builder. For that:

  • Go to the addons section of ProductX.
  • Turn on Builder Addon.

Create New Cart Page Template

After turning on the Builder addon, you can start creating WooCommerce page templates. As you want to create a template for the cart page:

  • Go to the Builder Section of ProductX
  • Click on “Add New”
  • Give a Name of the template
  • Select Cart as the Template type
  • Click on “Create Template”
  • Click on Save and Edit

Customize Cart Page Template

After creating the template it will be empty and you have filled it up with the required elements. That’s why the ProductX Cart Builder comes with three new blocks finely crafted for the cart page. You just need to drag and add them to the template.

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