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ProductX WooCommerce Builder

Developing the perfect WooCommerce store used to take a lot of time and effort. To make a complete WooCommerce store, you no longer need to learn to code; instead, you can choose ProductX. The ProductX WooCommerce Builder is a proper tool that’s both fast and agile – allowing you to save time building your WooCommerce store.

Using the new WooCommerce builder of ProductX, you can create custom templates for all the required store pages or use premade templates for them if you don’t want to create them from scratch.

How to Access the ProductX WooCommerce Builder

You need to have the ProductX WooCommerce Gutenberg Builder Plugin installed on your WordPress website to access the builder utility. You can check out the documentation to install the ProductX plugin [how to install the free version and the pro version] below:

How to install the ProductX WooCommerce Plugin?
How to install the pro version of ProductX

You will find the “WooCommerce Builder” under the ProductX settings within your WordPress dashboard.

Templates in the Product Builder

The ProductX WooCommerce Store Builder comes with a wide variety of page layouts. You can simply Import these layouts and use them on different pages.

WooCommerce Builder Dashboard
WooCommerce Builder Dashboard

Note: You will be able to check your published/draft page templates from the All Templates section. Moreover, you can create new page templates using the “Create Template” button. Furthermore, you can use the Synchronize button to create the new page templates. Last but not the least, you can check whether or not a page is published or in a draft state and change the conditions for a particular page.


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