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Saved Templates Addon (Shortcode)

***ProductX is becoming WowStore. If you see the new working interface of WowStore, then you can follow along – the working process for product blocks, starter templates, and features all work the same way as it did for ProductX. So, if you’re working with WowStore, you can follow the doc and use the instructions. Essentially, there’s no difference between WowStore and ProductX when it comes to using the product in general.

The WowStore WooCommerce Builder Plugin features excellent Shortcode support to make your life easier. And all our shortcodes support page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, etc.

Enabling Shortcodes

In order to enable shortcodes, you need to do the following:

  • Go to WowStore > Getting Started from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Enable the ‘Saved Templates’ addons [It should be enabled by default, if not make sure to enable it before using shortcode templates].
Enabling the WowStore Saved Templates Addon
Enabling the Saved Templates Addon

Once enabled, you’ll find the ‘Saved Templates’ option in the WowStore menu of your WordPress dashboard. From here, you can ‘Add New Template’. Once you save and ‘Publish‘ the template, the shortcode will appear automatically for you to use.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Go to ‘Add New Template’ from the WowStore ‘Saved Templates’ settings.
  • Create your template.

Note: This is the redesigned version of the WowStore Saved Templates. You can create new templates using the “Add New” button. The shortcode is now visible and can be copied with one click (Or you can use the “CTRL+C” to copy the shortcode. You can choose selected options from the dropdown and apply that action to the selected templates.

WowStore Saved Templates
The WowStore Saved Templates Dashboard
  • Once you’re done creating your template, hit ‘Publish’.
  • Now go back to the ‘Saved Templates’ page.

Note: Here we created a shop template and published it. We made some changes to it and updated it.

WowStore Custom Shop Template
Shop template creation as saved template

You will now see the shortcode appear under the ‘Shortcode’ section. You can copy this shortcode and paste it to a WordPress page/shop post.

Using the Shortcode

In order to use this shortcode:

  • Copy the shortcode from the ‘Saved Templates’ section of WowStore.
  • Now create a page by going to Pages>Add New or open an existing page.
Copying the Shortcode
Copying the shortcode for use on a page
  • Search for ‘Shortcode’ in the Gutenberg Editor.
  • Paste the shortcode.
Publishing a page with the shortcode
Publishing a page with the shortcode
  • Now publish the page/preview the page.

You will now see the template on the page. From now on, you can create a template and use the shortcode on any page you like. Here’s a preview of how the page looks:

Final Output
Final Output

Using Shortcodes with Elementor

You can also use this shortcode with the Elementor WordPress page builder as well. All you have to do is insert the ‘Shortcode’ element into a section and paste the shortcode. Once done, you can see the preview and publish the page.

Elementor shortcode implementation with WowStore Saved Templates
Elementor shortcode implementation with WowStore Saved Templates

***Settings may be different because of the WordPress version installation on different devices. You can use the saved template settings with Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and other popular page builders as well.

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