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Compare Addon

***ProductX is becoming WowStore. If you see the new working interface of WowStore, then you can follow along – the working process for product blocks, starter templates, and features all work the same way as it did for ProductX. So, if you’re working with WowStore, you can follow the doc and use the instructions. Essentially, there’s no difference between WowStore and ProductX when it comes to using the product in general.

The WowStore Compare Addon has been revamped completely. Users will now have an advanced feel of the compare feature with WowStore. Here’s how the new compare addon works: 

ProductX Compare Addon
WowStore Compare Addon

In order to use the Addons of the WowStore WooCommerce Plugin, you’ll need to:

  1. Navigate to the WowStore plugin of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Now click on ‘Addons‘.

***Some of the add-on features work only with the Pro Version of WowStore. So you will need to upgrade to the Pro version to start using the Addons.

enable product compare addon

Now you can enable the ‘Compare’ addon. Once done, you’ll have to return to WowStore>Settings to make changes to the product compare settings.

There are 2 different tabs in the compare addon feature. One is the “Settings” and the other is called the “Design”

In the settings tab, you will find options regarding the placement of the compare feature in your store, the loading animations, and more. 

In the Design tab, you will find the options to change the outlook of the table. You will be able to bring changes to your layouts, use the pre-made templates, and more. 

Let’s explore the different options in each of the tabs: 

The Settings Tab 

Under the settings tab, you will find the following options: 

Selecting the Compare Page

The very first setting in the panel is to select the compare page.  

If you leave this setting as “Default”, the default woocommerce compare page will show you the product comparison. 

product compare addon settings

If you don’t have a compare page by default, you can create a custom page and use that as your compare page. To do that, you need to: 

  • Go to the WowStore Compare Addon Settings and copy the shortcode [wopb_compare].
Compare Addon Shortcode for Page
Compare Addon Shortcode for Page
  • Save the Settings
  • Go to Pages > Add New Page from the WordPress dashboard
  • Paste the shortcode on the page
  • Publish the page 
  • Now, go back to the compare addon
  • Select the page from the “Select Compare Page Menu” 
  • Save the Settings 

Once you save and go to the compare page, you will see the product comparison.

Show Compare on a Page
Show Compare on a Page

Showing the Compare Feature in Particular Pages 

There are 4 choices here: 

  • You can enable/disable the comparison feature on the shop page
  • You can enable/disable the comparison feature on the Single-Product page 
  • You can enable/disable the comparison feature on the “My Account” page
  • You can keep all the options disabled

***Remember to change the settings once you’re done. Otherwise, the settings will not take effect. 

***Note that the grid design will design whether the compare feature appears or not. For example, if you disable the compare feature for a grid in the Shop Page from the WooCommerce Builder Settings, the compare button will not show.

What Happens After You Click the Compare Button? 

You have 4 options to explore here. Once you click to add a product for comparison, the user will see one of the 4 things. 

***You can enable only one option at a time: 

Compare As a Pop-up 

Activate this by choosing “Popup” and saving the settings. 

If a user clicks on the compare button on one of the products, a pop-up will appear on the page. There, the user will be able to add or delete products or close the window to explore the site. 

Redirect the User to a Comparison Page

If you select “Redirect to Page” from the “Action After Add to Compare” Setting and a user looks to compare products, then he or she will be redirected to the Compare Page you created.

Here’s the settings menu:

Redirect user to compare page
Redirect user to compare page

Here’s the compare page where the user is being redirected:

Product Comparison Table in the Compare Page
Product Comparison Table in the Compare Page

Show Product Comparison as a sidebar 

Activate this option by enabling “Sidebar” and saving the settings. 

If you select this option, the user will find a sidebar that shows the product comparison. 

Product Compare as Sidebar
Product Compare as Sidebar

Show Message Only 

If you select the “Show Message” button and save the settings, once a user adds a product for comparison, he or she will only see the message that the product has been added for comparison. 

Message for Product Compare
Message for Product Compare

There will be a button to see the product comparison data in the message.

Compare Addon Modal Loading 

The compare modal loading feature has 3 parts: 

Modal Loading Icon 

There are 7 loading icons at this time. You can select any of these icons and choose the animation type. 

Modal Loading Animation 

The modal loading animation requires 2 inputs: 

Compare Modal Loading
Compare Modal Loading
  1. Modal Opening Animation 
  2. Modal Closing Animation 

Both these options have 10 choices each (at the time of writing). You can use a combination of these to show a loading animation for the compare addon. 

Here’s a list of steps to add a proper modal animation

  • Select one of the modal icons 
  • Choose a modal opening animation 
  • Choose a modal closing animation 
  • Save the settings

Here’s the end result:

Modal Animation
Modal Animation

Showing the Compare Feature in a Custom Position in the Menu

You can add the compare feature to the menu. To add the compare feature to the menu, you need to: 

Enable the Compare Feature in the Navbar 

To use the compare feature in the Navigation menu, you need to turn on the “Enable Compare Menu in Navbar” in the setting. 

Type of the Compare Button

You can enable the compare button with text or without text. 

Compare Button Icon

There is a selection of 8 compare button icons. You can show any of these icons in the menu bar from the “Choose Icon” section. 

Add Compare Menu to Navbar
Add Compare Menu to Navbar

Icon position 

From the “Icon Position” Setting, you can select between 3 options. You can: 

  1. Show the icon before the text 
  2. Show the icon after the text 
  3. Show the icon on top of the text 

Where to Go After Clicking the Icon

The “Action After Click” menu allows you to choose between two options: 

  1. Pop-up: After clicking the compare button on the menu, a pop-up will open up for product comparison. 
  2. Re-Direct: You will be taken to the compare page after you click the button. 

Custom Position for the Compare Button on the Menu

You can show the compare button on a custom position of the menu. To do that, you need to paste a shortcode “[wopb_compare_nav]“ on the menu part where you want to show the compare button.

Add Compare to Custom Position on Menu
Add Compare to Custom Position on Menu

Hide the Compare Table – When it’s Empty

If you don’t have anything on the compare page, then you can hide it. Just enable the “Hide Compare Table if Empty” setting and save the changes. 

The Compare Button Settings 

There are a couple of settings within this section: 

The Button Type 

There are 2 types here: 

  1. You can use it as a regular compare button, or,
  2. You can use it as a link
Compare Button Setting
Compare Button Settings

The Button Text 

You can change the button text – what the button will show before it’s clicked. 

The “Browse” Button text 

The browse button text shows the state after the button is clicked (Once a product is added for comparison). You can change that through the settings as well. 

The Button Icon 

You can enable or disable the button icon from this setting. 

Compare Button Settings 2
Compare Button Settings 2

Only Using the Icon

You can only use an icon for the compare button. If you enable the “Use Only Icon” setting, then you will only have the icon for a compare button. 

Compare Button Icon and Position 

You can choose the button icon from a selection of 8 icons. Also, you can also change the position of the icon (before or after the text). 

Button Position on the Page 

The compare button position can be shown on the Shop Page and the Single Product Page: 

  1. Select where to show the compare button on the Shop Page using the “Button Position on Shop Page”. 
  2. Similarly, you can choose where to show the compare button on the Single Product page using the “Button Position on Single Page”. 
Button Position Settings
Button Position Settings

You can choose between 6 choices. Show the button: 

  • After the “Add to Cart” Button 
  • Bottom of the “Add to Cart” Button 
  • Top of the “Add to Cart” Button 
Button Position Options
Button Position Options
  • Before the “Add to Cart” Button 
  • Above the product image
  • Use the Shortcode 

Custom Fields on the Comparison Table

You can design the product comparison table with various fields (including some custom options). The fields that are important are already in the table: 

  1. The Product Image 
  2. Product Title 
  3. Product Price 
  4. Product Stock Status 
  5. Product Quantity 
  6. Product Add to Cart
  7. Product Review

There are other fields available like the SKU, product description, weight, dimensions, 

Compare Table Fields
Compare Table Fields

You can add custom fields from the dropdown. Just select a field and click on the “Add” button. 

Also, you can edit the custom field (change the name or rearrange it) or delete it from the table. 

Freezing the Table Row and Column on the Compare Table

You will find 2 settings at the very end of the product compare addon: 

  1. Use “Freeze Table First Column” to freeze the first column of the product comparison table
  2. Use the “Freeze Table First Row” to freeze the first row of the product comparison table
Other Essential Settings
Other Essential Settings

Other Essential Options  

There are some other options at the very end: 

  1. Use the “Add New Product Button on Table” to enable or disable the addition of new products on the table. 
  2. Use the “Clear Compare Product List” to add a “Clear all” button in the comparison table. The button will clear all the products on the comparison table. 
  3. Use the “Close Button on Table” Setting to add a close button to the top right of the comparison table. 

The Design Tab

Under the Design Tab, you will find the following settings: 

A Set of Pre-Made Designs

There are 5 pre-made layouts currently available for the compare addon. You can select either of them and start experimenting with other settings. 

***Please note that one of the presets will be chosen by default. You will be able to change the custom color presets and change the other design properties. 

Premade Designs and Color Presets
Premade Designs and Color Presets

Changing the Typography for Different Attributes

The typography control is available for the different table attributes. Currently, support for 4 attributes is available: 

  1. Change the typography of the table title
  2. Update the typography of the product title 
  3. Change the text of the compare table 
  4. Updating the text style of the button
Design Typography Settings
Design Typography Settings

Within these 4 attributes, you can change the following font settings: 

  1. The Font Size 
  2. The Font Case 
  3. The Font Weight

***Please note that the Font Case Setting is not available for the Product Title and the Table Text. 

Changing the Color Settings for the Table 

There are two things here: 

  • If you choose one of the color presets, then you won’t have to worry about setting a custom color for the table. 

***Please note that if you select one of the color presets, it will change the colors in the color panel. 

Color Settings
Color Settings

But, if you want to go into more detail, you can change the following color settings in the color panel: 

  1. Change the table background and the border-color 
  2. Change the color of the heading 
  3. The color of the even background and the odd background
  4. The Text Color 
  5. The Button Background and the Link Background
  6. Button Hover Color

The Button Layout

You can change the: 

  1. The top and bottom padding of the button 
  2. Left and Right Padding of the button 
  3. The Border Radius of the Button 
Layout Settings for Compare Addon
Layout Settings for Compare Addon

The Table Column Layout 

Here you can change: 

  1. The top and bottom padding 
  2. The left and right padding 

Finally, you can change the Border Width of the table. 

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